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Sodium metasilicate
Sep 19, 2018

Application : 

A, laundry detergent builder. The ISS and 4A zeolites are complementary in function, and the two are mixed in a reasonable ratio, which can completely replace the STPP in the washing powder. It can not only produce ordinary washing powder by spray drying of the former ingredients, but also can be used as a base powder to produce concentrated washing powder by agglomeration method. The product has good fluidity, no agglomeration, no agglomeration and strong detergency.

B, laundry detergent, laundry detergent additives. Good compatibility with surfactants and bleaches, no hydrolysis, no precipitation.

C, meal wash builder. The oil absorption value is as high as 70%, and the oil removal ability replaces the hydrated sodium metasilicate (the oil absorption value is 38%).

D, industrial cleaning agent additives. ISS is an important component of various cleaning agents such as metal cleaning agent, heavy oil cleaning agent, oil pipe cleaning cleaning agent, wine bottle cleaning agent, etc. It has strong detergency and anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect.

E. Clean the oil directly. ISS can be cleaned without the need for surfactants and directly adjusted to an appropriate concentration of aqueous solution.

F, ceramics, cement, refractory materials, grinding aids. ISS has a unique decondensation and depolymerization effect. In the production of ceramics, cement and refractory powders, it can effectively shorten the grinding time and improve the strength of the body and the cement label.

G. Cement additives and dispersing agents for construction.

H, electroplating rust polishing agent, pH buffer.

I. Cotton yarn cooking, paper bleaching, fabric finishing agent.

J. Used as an adhesive and cement dispersant in crude oil, natural gas and underwater drilling projects.

K, metal anti-corrosion rust inhibitor.

L, blast furnace maintenance, masonry adhesive.

M. Additives for the production of special lubricants and thixotropic agents.

N, glass enhancer.

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