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Sodium Disilicate
Apr 13, 2018

1、Product name:Sodium disilicate

2、CAS No.:1344-09-8


Complex Sodium Disilicate is widely used as a substitute to STPP in production process without any change in equipment when making detergent powder such as concentrate detergent powder, ordinary detergent powder, phosphorous free washing powder, low phosphorous detergent powder and metal-washing powder

1. Completely friendly to environment 
2. Excellent function and high calcium exchange ability (400min), better than STPP
3. Excellent PH buffering capacity
4. Competitive price to reduce much cost 
5. Free flowing and low density: 0.48-0.6g/ml around.(requirement as customer)
6. Not easily absorb moisture in air to become cake. 
7. Very suitable for high tower sprayer and especially dry mix or blending
8. Be used same as STPP in producing process, without any change in equipment

     Detergent auxiliary for washing powder: Instead of STPP, MDS can be used to pre-proportioning for spray drying or post-proportioning for producing low-density phosphorous-free washing powder, and also can be used as base powder for producing concentrated phosphorous-free or low-phosphorous washing powder by agglomeration method. The product has good detergency ability and can be used together with 4A zeolit as binary auxiliary for producing high/low density phosphorous-free washing powder.

    Detergent auxiliary for soap: Instead of STPP, MDS may chelate calcium ions and magnesium ions in water quickly and thoroughly, consequently improving detergency ability of products. Moreover, it also has favorable anti- re-deposition performance.

   Detergent auxiliary for textile dyeing and printing: it can be used as chelating agent for pretreatment agent as oil remover and scouring agent etc, and also can be used as favorable hydrogen peroxide bleaching stabilizer.

    Detergent auxiliary for industrial cleaning agent: MDS can be used as basic material for industrial cleaning agent such as metal cleaning agent, heavy oil dirt cleaning agent and petroleum pipeline dredging and cleaning agent etc.

   Ceramic grinding aid: instead of traditional STPP and sodium metasilicate, MDS is used as grinding aid, slurry water reducing agent and glaze deflocculating agent in ceramic processing, favorable for facilitating grinding and capable of reducing ball grinding time by 3 hours and effectively removing harmful calcium ions and magnesium ions in ceramic materials.

4.Packing,Storage & Transportation

The product is packed in 25kg plastic woven bag lined with plastic film inner bag. It shall be kept away from rain, moisture and direct sunlight during storage and transportation.

If you have any demands,pls feel free to contact me at :cathy@gpcchem.com

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