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Sep 13, 2018

Product Name: SBAC, Sec-butyl acetate

Appearance: colorless, flammable, with fruit flavor liquid

Sec-butyl acetate is a good and broadly used solvent as it could miscible with almost all resin and organic liquid. Due to its powerful solvency, high volatility and mild odor, sec-butyl acetate is widely used in manufacturing industry and in the processing of paint, coating and adhesive. It owns very low solubility in water and could be used as extraction solvents for refined chemicals, particularly for certain antibiotics. It also could be used as an ingredient of balmy matters. It is used as chemical intermediate for pharmaceutical, synthetic flavoring, dispersant, and other organic compounds.

Molecular formula:CH3COOCH (CH3) CH2CH3

Molecular Weight: 116.16
CAS No.: 105-46-4
EIENCS No.: 203-300-1


Used as solvent for manufacturing lacquer of dinitrocellulose, crylic acid and polyurethane. Used as volatility solvent for printing ink.

Used as an extraction dose for medical industry. Used as a component for metal abluent.

Used as a component of solvents in the process of the azeotropism, and could partly replace toluene, xylene and methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK).

Used as a quick-drying ingredient of sensitive material, according to its proper volatility and good penetrability.

Used for producing cellulose product, copperplate paper and enamel covering. Used as fruitage flavor.


Color Pt-Co≤10#
Density (20℃), g/cm³0.866~0.878
Evaporation residue, wt%≤0.002
Purity, wt%≥99
Acidity(as Acetic Acid), wt%≤0.01
Water, wt%≤0.1

Packed by iron drum,180kgs per drum,or by ISO tank, 20tons per tank.

Conditions for safe Storage:

Must be stored in a diked (bunded) well-ventilated area, away from sunlight, ignition sources and other sources of heat. Bulk storage tanks should be diked (bunded). Keep away from aerosols, flammables, oxidizing agents, corrosives and from other flammable products which are not harmful or toxic to man or to the environment. 


Identification number : UN 1123 

Proper shipping name : BUTYL ACETATES 

Class / Division : 3 

Packing group : II 

Marine pollutant : No

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