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Rubber Antioxidant Development
May 24, 2018

Rubber Antioxidant Development

From the development trend of the world rubber antioxidant, some foreign multinational companies have already begun to adjust production layout, reduce production and distribution, improve the production capacity of a single set of device to improve the overall scale of production to achieve economies of scale, China's dominant antioxidant varieties 4010NA and 4020 yearsconsistent system of annual output of 2000t scale, there is no change in major enterprises to scale, to take the repeat mode of construction of a new production line to expand production capacity in the past due to the shortage of domestic rubber antioxidant, and profit margins.such small-scale repeat construction economically feasible, rubber antioxidant is no longer with the increasingly fierce competition, a variety of high added value, must rely on the scale to get the economic benefits.


In addition, rubber antioxidant production device limited size, limited market demand, but the progress of science and technology is unlimited, the rubber antioxidant industry in China to closely rely on scientific and technological progress to achieve the development of the industry, which the key should enhance the following three techniques: Antioxidant 4020 Synthesis Technology , synthetic intermediates, additives mixed with granulation technology.

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