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Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate
Feb 11, 2018

Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate(PMA)

As one leading supplier of PMA in china, we export this product to south america , East ofeurope and Asia market now, pls check the details information of this product as follows:

Other name:Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate 

CAS number:108-65-6 

Product standard:HG/T 3940-2007 symbol:CH3COOCH(CH3)CH2OCH3

Molecular weight:132.16  Boiling point:145.8℃ Flash point:42℃

Technical requirements

Measuring itemsTechnical Index

AppearanceColorless transparent liquid

Mass fraction of propylene glycol methyl ether acetate/%≥99.5 

Mass fraction of 2- methoxy -1- propyl acetate/%≤0.4

Mass fraction of water/%≤0.05

Mass fraction of acid (calculated as acetic acid)/%≤0.02

Boiling range (0℃, 101.3kPa)/℃143~149

Chrominance /Hazen unit (Pt-Co color number)≤10


Package type

To be transported in bulk, by the tank vehicles or to be packed with steel barrels.


1. High-grade solvent: its molecules are in both ether bonds and carbonyl groups, and the carbonyl groups are formed the structure of ester, while they contain alkyl groups. In the same molecule, there are both non-polar parts and polar parts. The functional groups of these two parts are mutually restricted and excluded, and each has its own inherent function. Therefore, it has a certain dissolving ability to the non-polar substances and polar substances.

2. Industrial solvent: having a strong dissolving ability to the non-polar substances and polar substances, so it applies to be used as the solvent for high-grade coating, ink and all kinds of polymers.

3. Non-pollution solvent: it is a kind of auxiliary solvent, which is indispensable to improve the strength of coating in the coating industry. It is widely used as the high-grade paint such as, car paint, TV paint, refrigerator paint, aircraft paint and others.

4. Used as the solvent of ink, paint, ink, textile dyes, and textile oil.

5. Used as the cleaning agent in production of liquid crystal display devices.

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