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Potassium Carbonate
Jun 29, 2018

Potassium Carbonate

The main purpose

     ● Glass manufacturing: PDP glass, cathode ray tube glass bulb, fiber glass,;

     ● Chemical reagents: high purity reagents, spectral reagents, desiccants;

     ● Light industry: processing and processing of printing and dyeing, soap, enamel, exposed photosensitive materials, gas adsorbent, dry powder fire extinguishing agent, rubber antioxidant, etc.;

     ● Pharmaceuticals and fertilizers: synthetic ammonia decarbonylation, pharmaceutical intermediates, additives, preparation of potassium salts;

     ● Food industry: As a leavening agent, alkaline agent and dough improver;

     ● It is also used for the preparation of various potassium salts; for the analysis of reagents, reference reagents and fluxes for molten silicates and insoluble sulfates.


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