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Physical properties of diethyl phthalate
Feb 03, 2016

Properties: colorless, odorless, transparent liquid, slightly aromatic.

Relative density (g/mL,25/4 degrees): 1.1160

Relative density (20 c, 4 c): 1.1185

Melting point (oC):-1

Boiling point (oC, atmospheric pressure): 298

Boiling point (oC,1.6KPa): 172

Refractive index (25oC): 1.499

Flash point (oC, closed): 117

Flash point (oC, open): 152

Spontaneous combustion or ignition temperature (oC): 155

Vapor pressure (kPa,163oC): 1.867

Viscosity (mPa · s,25oC): 10.06

The heat of vaporization (KJ/mol): 67.0

Freezing point (oC):-40

Refractive index of ambient temperature (N20): 1.5022

Conductivity (S/m,25oC): 1.1x10-9

Gas standard heat (enthalpy) (kJ • mol-1):-6034.6

Gas standard claimed that heat (enthalpy) (kJ • mol-1):-688.4

Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone and other organic solvents.

Liquid standard heat (enthalpy) (kJ • mol-1):-5946.3

Liquid phase standard claim that heat (enthalpy) (kJ • mol-1):-776.6

Liquid-phase standard hot-melt (J • mol-1 · K-1) :375.0