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p-Toluenesulfonic acid
Aug 20, 2018

Medically used for the synthesis of doxycycline (xicycline. hydroquinone doxycycline and linlin doxycycline, etc.), dipyridamole, amoxicillin, cefadroxil D860 pharmaceutical intermediates and other important raw materials;

It is widely used in the organic industry. Acrylates, textile additives, photographic film, stabilizers for polymerization reactions, and catalysts for organic synthesis (esters); are widely used as curing agents in resins, coatings, wood-based panels, foundries, paints, and other industries, and at fixed speech rates Fast, the paint film does not change color;

It is also an important raw material for the synthesis of ethoxyquin. In the pesticide synthesis industry, dicofol, chloramine T, pigments, and CLT acid are also widely used.    

CAS#: 104-15-4,6192-52-5

Packaging: 25kg/bag , 20fcl=20mt  with pallets , 25mt without pallets

any inquire , pls inform : melisa@gpcchem.com

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