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Jan 30, 2018


A colorless liquid.Boiling point:97.2 ο C;density:0.804g/cm 3 ;soluble with many

organic agents like alcohol and ether,etc.Reacted with holoid acid,it turns into

haloid;esterification reaction, and oxidization occur


Mainly used as solution and chemical intermediate, as special agent for aniline

printing ink, especially used for printing of polyolefine and polyamide film.In

addition,it can be used as solution,coagulant and plasticizer for carboxymethyl

cellulose.As material,it can be used to produce alkyd-propyl resin,selenium

dipropyl,urea propylate,etc

Package : in165kg/drum,20FCL=13.2mt


As volatile and flammable, it must be stored and delivered in low temperature

and isolated condition;avoid flame;delivered in tank


Item                    Unit                  Index

Appearance                          Colorless, transparent liquid

Boiling point            ℃                   97.2

Density                g/cm 3              0.804-0.807

Content                 (wt%)                 ≥99.7

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