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Methylene chloride(MC) China
May 13, 2018

Methylene chloride(MC) is a volatile, clear and colorless liquid with a smell similar to chloroform. Methylene chloride(MC) has been an important industrial solvent since the 1940s. Methylene chloride(MC) is also commonly referred to as DCM. 

Main uses:

Methylene chloride(MC) is used to strip paint and remove varnish. Methylene chloride(MC) has also been used as a flexible urethane blowing agent, in aerosol formulations. as a solvent in producing pharmaceuticals and film coatings, and as an extraction medium(used in the food industry to extract spices, caffeine and hops). Other uses include degreasing metals, manufacturing electronics and adhesives, processing plastics, and refrigerating.


- Handle in a well ventilated area.

- Wear protective equipment so that the product does not get on your skin, mucosa, clothing or get into your eyes.

- After using, wash hands and face thoroughly, and do not carry contaminated protective equipment into restroom areas or other such locations

- Seal containers tightly each time they are used

- As a general rule, use a flooring material in storage and handling areas that will not allow the product to leak underground, such as concrete. Be careful that the concrete does not crack.

- When working in a sealed location, make sure appropriate local exhaust equipment is installed.

- Handle the product in accordance with laws and regulations.

- When heating, avoid direct heat. Instead, use a hot compress or hot water.


- Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

- Store in a well ventilated area

- Do not allow even a portion of the container to reach a temperature of 40℃ or higher

- When storing in a pail or other container outdoors, attach a roof, or otherwise cover the container

- Insulate outdoor storage tanks, and install cooling equipment to reduce the temperature of the methylene chloride inside the tank

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