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MEK price is stable
Jun 29, 2018

Near the end of the month, the domestic butanone market's overall trading atmosphere was light, and the market stage was mainly consolidating. As PetroChina's Lanzhou Petrochemicals settled at the end of the month, the overall price of butanone factory stabilized. However, there is no obvious improvement in downstream demand. Traders take the general market, and the volume of market transactions is still limited. In the first half of the week, the source price in Ningbo was lowered, resulting in a slight drop in the local market price. There was little change in the trading market in Jiangsu, and the focus of the negotiations was slightly closer to the low. The high and low prices in the Guangdong market coexist. On the whole, due to the current sluggish overall economic environment, and the downstream is in the traditional off-season demand, environmental protection has caused some companies to continue shutting down. The supply and demand pressure of the butanone market remains, and the industry’s attitude is cautious. Before the end of the month, the domestic butanone market is generally fluctuating or not, focusing on the guidance of the factory's price policy at the beginning of next month. As of today, the price of the East China market has been referenced from RMB 6200 to RMB 6300/ton, and the current price in the South China market has been referenced from RMB 6400 to RMB 6500/ton.

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