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Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA)
Aug 05, 2018

Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA) is a colorless liquid found in household and workplace products alike. Due to its high flammability and potential health hazards, it is important to handle isopropyl alcohol in a safe manner no matter what the setting.

Two of isopropyl alcohol’s most popular uses are as a cleaning fluid and as a solvent for many oils, gums, and resins. Here are some other areas where this chemical can be found across a variety of industries:

Medical Uses

  •  Used by medical professionals to disinfect surfaces and clean equipment

  • Used as a hand sanitizer in labs and hospitals

  • As a home remedy, rubbing alcohol is used as an antiseptic for cuts and scrapes

In Cleaning Services

  • Used to clean dirt from small, hard-to-reach areas such as keyboards

  • Used to remove glue residue

  • Used to remove stains from natural fibers like cotton and silk

Automotive Applications

  • A common component of fuel additives, isopropyl alcohol helps to prevent the accumulation of water in fuel lines

  • The chemical is also be sprayed onto windshields to melt ice

Industrial Uses

  • Used as a solvent in the printing industry to clean delicate equipment

  • Used as a solvent in the manufacturing of several computer components

  • Used in the manufacturing of paint

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