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Mar 30, 2018

Product Name: Isopropyl alcohol

Chemical FormulaC3H8O


Molecular Weight: 60.1 g/mol

Isopropanol is also known as dimethylcarbinol and 2-propanol. It is the simplest secondary alcohol and is one of the isomers of n-propanol. It is a kind of flammable liquid which is colorless with strong smell being similar to the smell of the mixture of ethanol and acetone. It is soluble in water, alcohol, ether, benzene, chloroform and most organic solvents and is miscible with water, alcohol, ether and can form azeotrope with water. Density (specific gravity): 0.7863g/cm3, melting point:-88.5 , boiling point: 82.5 , flash point: 11.7 , ignition point: 460 , refractive index: 1.3772. Its vapor can cause slight irritation on the eyes, nose and throat; it can be absorbed through the skin. Its vapor can form explosive mixture with air. Its explosion limit is 2.0% to 12% (by volume). It belongs to a moderate explosive hazardous material and flammable, low toxic substance. The toxicity of its vapors is twice as high as ethanol while oral administration causes the opposite toxicity.


Information on basic physical and chemical properties


Physical State: Liquid

Color: Colourless

Odor: alcohol-like

Odor Threshold: No data available.

pH: No data available.

Melting Point: -89.5 °C (-129.1°F)

Boiling Point: 82 °C (180°F)

Flash Point: 12 °C (53.6°F) (Closed Cup)

Evaporation Rate: 3.0.

Flammability (solid, gas): No data available

Flammability Limit - Upper (%): 12.7%(V)

Flammability Limit - Lower (%): 2%(V)

Vapor pressure: 43.2 hPa(32.4mmHg) at 20°C (68°F)

Vapor density (air=1): No data available

Specific Gravity: 0.785g/cm3 at 25°C (77°F)


Solubility in Water: Completely soluble

Solubility (other): No data available.

Partition coefficient (n-octanol/water): log Pow: 0.05.

Auto-ignition Temperature: 425°C 797°F

Decomposition Temperature: No data available.

Dynamic Viscosity: No data available.

Kinematic viscosity: No data available.

Explosive properties: No data available.

Oxidizing properties: No data available.

Molecular Weight : 60.1g/mol


Important Note:

Shipping descriptions may vary based on mode of transport, quantities, package size, and/or origin and

destination. Consult your company's Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods expert for information specific to

your situation.


UN-number: 1219 Class: 3 Packing Group:II

Proper shipping name: ISOPROPANOL

Marine pollutant: No


UN-number: 1219 Class: 3 Packing Group:II EMS-N0: F-E, S-D

Proper shipping name: ISOPROPANOL

Marine pollutant: No


sopropanol is an important chemical products and raw materials. It is mainly applied to various fields including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, fragrances, paint as well as being used as the dehydrating agent and cleaning agent in and electronics industry. It can also be used as the reagent for determination of barium, calcium, magnesium, nickel, potassium, sodium and strontium. It can also be used as the reference material of chromatographic analysis.

In the manufacturing industry of circuit board, it is used as a cleaning agent, and the production of PCB holes for conductivity. Many people find that it can not only clean the motherboard with excellent performance, but also get the best results. In addition, it is used for other electronic devices, including cleaning disc cartridge, floppy disk drives, magnetic tape, and the laser tip of the disc driver of CD or DVD player.

Isopropanol can also be used as a solvent for flexographic printing, offset printing, gravure printing, and as equipment cleaner. It is also often supplied to the ink. It is also an important solvent for dilution and extraction in laboratory. In addition, isopropanol is also used as a gasoline additive and fuel pipeline deicers.

In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, isopropanol can be used for the manufacturing of scouring liquid, hand and body lotions, antiseptics and the pharmaceutical redness agents. It is also used in paints, thinners, paint, cleaning and polishing, and surface sterilization, disinfection hospitals, food processing plants.

In many industrial and consumer products, isopropanol is used as a low-cost solvent as well as a kind of extraction agents which can substitute the application of ethanol in many cases.

Isopropanol can also be used as the solvent of oil and gel as well as for the manufacture of fishmeal feed concentrate. Low-quality isopropanol can also be used in automotive fuels. As the raw material of production of acetone, the usage amount of isopropanol is reducing. There are several compounds which are synthesized from isopropanol, such as isopropyl ester, methyl isobutyl ketone, di-isopropylamine, di-isopropyl ether, isopropyl acetate, thymol and many kinds of esters. We can supply isopropanol of different quality depending on the end use it. The conventional quality of anhydrous isopropanol is more than 99%, while the special grade isopropanol content is higher than 99.8% (for flavors and drugs).

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