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Furfuryl alcohol
Jun 22, 2018

Hazard class: 6.1

UN NO: 2874

HS Number: 29321300

Appearance:Yellowish liquid,when exposed in the sunlight or the air,it will become getting brown or crimsor.Flammable,bitter flavor,it can mix dissolving with water,it doesn't dissolve in paraffin.If it get together with acid,it can easily polymerize and take place violent explosion,produce difficult resin that melt.

CAS NO.: 98-00-0


Furfuryl Alcohol is mainly used for producing furan resin,furfuryl-alcohol-urine aldehyde resin, phenolic resin etc, also used for anticorrosive resin, pharmaceutical raw material, tartaric acid, solvent and plasticizer; additional used for synthetic fiber, rubber, pesticide and foundry industries.


240kg or 250kg iron drums or ISO Tank, 20MT-25MT/TANK.


Store in shady and cool dry ventilating place,forbid kindling material,must guard against with better and acid,strong oxidizing chemical medicines and food are stored and transport together.e, keep away from fire or chemical drugs with strong acidity and oxidizability. Storage period for 6 months.


PURITY            98% MIN.

MOISTURE        0.2% MAX.

FURFURAL        0.5% MAX.

ACIDITY                0.01 MOL/L MAX.


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