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Jun 25, 2018

Chemical Name : Dipropylene Glycol butyl ether

Others name :ARCOSOLV(R) DPNB; BUTYL PROPASOL; DI(PROPYLENE GLYCOL) BUTYL ETHER; DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL MONOBUTYL ETHER; Dipropylene glycol mono-n-butyl ether; DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL NORMAL BUTYL ETHER; DOWANOL(TM) DPNB; DPNB; 1-(2-butoxy-1-methylethoxy)-2-propano; 1-(2-butoxy-1-methylethoxy)-2-Propanol; butyldipropasolsolvent; di(propylene; dipropyleneglycolbutoxyether; dowanol54b; 1-(2-butoxy-1-methylethoxy)propan-2-ol; DI(PROPYLENE GLYCOL) BUTYL ETHER, 99%, M IXTURE OF ISOMERS; DI(PROPYLENE GLYCOL) BUTYL ETHER, 98.5+% , MIXTURE OF ISOMERS (DOWANOL DPNB); 2-Propanol,1-(2-butoxy-1-methylethoxy)-; BUTYL PROPYLENE DIGLYCOL

Application : 

Coating: It can be used as an agglomerating agent for acrylic resin, styrene acrylic resin, and polyvinyl acetate to give excellent performance to the film. It is one of the most effective coalescents for many waterborne coatings.

Cleaner: Suitable for cleaning agents, especially those requiring very low volatilization rates, such as waxes and floor cleaners. It is a good coupling agent for greases and greases. It can be used as a paint remover and animal grease remover.

Other applications: agricultural products, cosmetics, electronic inks, textiles.

ARCOSOLV ® DPNB has a slight odor, low water solubility, good adhesion, and good solubility to coating resins. It shows good bonding properties to various resins. In addition, it also has excellent film-forming properties.

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