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Dimethyl Carbonate
Nov 13, 2018

Application : Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) is an important organic chemical intermediate. It can be widely used in carbonylation, methylation, and methylation because of its molecular structure containing carbonyl, methyl, methoxy and carbonyl methoxy groups. Organic synthesis reactions such as oxylation and carbonyl methylation for the production of polycarbonates, isocyanates, polyurethanes, polycarbonate diols, allyl diglycol carbonate, naphthyl carbamate ( Carbaryl, anisole, tetramethylammonium ammonium, long-chain alkyl carbonate, carbohydrazide, malonate, propylene diacetate, diethyl carbonate, triphosgene, furazolidone, thioglycolate A variety of chemical products such as esters, methyl aniline. Because DMC is non-toxic, it can be used as a methylating agent or a carbonylating agent instead of highly toxic phosgene, methyl chloroformate or dimethyl sulfate to improve the safety of production operations and reduce environmental pollution. As a solvent, DMC can be used as a substitute for Freon, trichloroethane, trichloroethylene, benzene, xylene, etc. for paint coatings, cleaning solvents, and the like. As a gasoline additive, DMC can increase its octane number and oxygen content, thereby improving its antiknock [1]. In addition, DMC can also be used as an additive to detergents, surfactants and softeners. Due to its wide range of uses, DMC is known as the “new cornerstone of organic synthesis” today.

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