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Diethyl phthalate method
Feb 03, 2016

1) take the product 0.1ml, 0.25ml and sulfuric acid and resorcinol 50mg, mixed and heated water bath for 5 minutes, cool, 10ml and 42% with water 1ml sodium hydroxide solution, the solution is yellow or pale yellow, with a green fluorescent.

B take the product, made with ether solution 5mg per 1ml, as for the test solution, another diethyl phthalate standard, made 5mg per 1ml ether solution, as the reference solution. According to thin-layer chromatography (Appendix v b) test, take these two solutions 10  l, respectively, in the same GF254 silica gel thin-layer plate with n-heptane-ether (3:7) as agent, expanded, dry, replacement UV light (254nm) view. For the main spot in the test solution and same color spots with the reference solution.

C infrared absorption spectrum of the (film) and of diethyl phthalate reference maps