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Diethanolamine (DEA)
Oct 31, 2018

CAS No.: 111-42-2


1. Mainly used in the production of non-ionic surfactant directly and some other important common surfactant when synthesized with various acids;

2. Mainly used to produce glyphosate in pesticide industry;

3. Mainly used as the absorber and desulfurization agent for acid gas purification;

4. Corrosion inhibitor in pharmaceutical industry;

5. Cross-linking agent for high resilience polyurethane foam production;

6. Fabric finishing-agent, softening agent, emulsifier, fluorescent whitening agent and etc. in textile industry;

7. Used as leather and synthetic fiber softener;

8. Thickening agent and foam improver in shampoo and light detergent;

9. Also used as detergent, lubricant, brightener, and dust scavenger for engine piston. 

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