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Development Direction of Rubber Accelerator
Jul 13, 2018

The Development Direction of Rubber Accelerator

Rubber accelerator is a common rubber additives, at present the development of accelerator is gradually tends to be environmentally friendly, functional and centralized.

From the perspective of accelerator technology, in recent years the international community on some of the major accelerator in rubber processing, such as easy to produce harmful substances nitrosamines starting to focus on promoting agent of toxic substances. After all countries have introduced restrictive laws and regulations, has formed a vulcanization accelerator system of environmental protection, China has also developed and produced a number of new environmentally friendly rubber accelerator varieties instead of harm to human health risks accelerator. From the marketing point of view of the market, more emphasis on application performance accelerator products, and the development of a functional throw into confusion cavity accelerator masterbatch and pre-dispersion.

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