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DBP(Dibutyl phthalate )
May 04, 2018

Application :

1, the product is a plasticizer. It has a strong solvency to a variety of resins. Mainly used for PVC processing, can give the product a good softness. Due to its relatively low cost and good processability, it is widely used in China, and it is equivalent to DOP. However, the volatility and water extraction are relatively large, so the durability of the product is poor and its use should be gradually restricted.

2. This product is a good plasticity of nitrocellulose, strong gelation ability. Used for nitrocellulose coatings, has a good softening effect. Excellent stability, flex resistance, adhesion and water resistance

3. The product can also be used as plasticizer for polyvinyl acetate, alkyd resin, ethyl cellulose and neoprene rubber

4. Can also be used to make paints, adhesives, artificial leather, printing inks, safety glass, cellophane, dyes, insecticides, perfume solvents, fabric lubricants, etc.

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Color ( Pt-Co )


Acid value , mgKOH/g


Density , g/cm3


Content ( GC ) , %


Flash point ,

160 min

Water content  , %