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Classification Of Rubber Accelerator
Aug 29, 2018

Classification Of Rubber Accelerator

Classification of commonly used rubber accelerator are the following:

A.The chemical structure of the rubber accelerator

The rubber accelerator can be divided into eight categories according to the structural classification of the accelerator: thiazole (M, DM), sulfonamide (CZ, NOBS, DZ),thiuram (of TMTD, TMTM), thiourea (NA-22), dithiocarbamate salts (ZDMC, ZDC), aldehyde amines (H), guanidine (D), xanthate class(ZIX).

B.According to the classification of the PH value

According to the classification of the PH value of accelerator, rubber accelerator can be divided into acid accelerator , alkali accelerator or neutral accelerator.

Acidic accelerator: thiazoles, thiuram, dithio carbamate, xanthate class.

Neutral accelerator: sulfonamide,and thiourea

Alkaline accelerator: guanidine, aldehyde amines

C.According to promote speed classification

International habits to accelerator of sulfide speed of M NR shall be subject to the speed limit, as a standard to compare the accelerator of sulfide speed.

Accelerator belongs to speeding or super speeding level than rubber accelerator M fast and slower than M belongs to slow or middle class slower than M .

Slow-class accelerator: H, the NA-22

Speed-class accelerator: D

Quasi-speed level to promote the agent: M, DM, CZ, DZ, NOBS

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