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China's Rubber Chemicals Industry Outlook
May 31, 2018

China's Rubber Chemicals Industry Outlook

China Rubber Industry Association, the "12th Five-Year Development Plan defined the future direction of development of the rubber industry, the scientific development, low-carbon economy, energy conservation center, along with the steady development of China's rubber industry, playing rubber chemicals industry in world-class power. 


Firstly, the rapid development of China's rubber chemicals industry after "15" and "Eleventh Five-Year", has become a rubber chemicals production and consumption country, has been formed of rubber chemicals production backbone enterprises, export volume reached more than 30% of total production . "Twelfth Five-Year" period, China's rubber chemicals industry and international competition will become more intense, a new round of competition will be focused on additives manufacturing enterprises technological innovation capability of the conversion, the share of the global market share, as well as the comprehensive competitiveness . 


Secondly, in the new round of competition, the current situation of China's rubber chemicals production enterprises will be broken, the main reason for the low technical level of these additives production enterprises, a single species, environmentally unsound facilities management confusion. In contrast, the large enterprises that dominate the market from market integration in the overall strength

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