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Calcium Formate
Jan 30, 2018

Name:Calcium Formate

Molecular Formula:Ca(CHOO)2

Molecular Weight:130.12

Physicochemical property

white crystal or powder, slightly hygroscopic and slightly bitter taste. Neutral, non-toxic, soluble in water.


Calcium Formate is used for the rapid curing agent, lubricant and early strength of the cement. Feed grade calcium formate as feed additive, calcium formate in animals by the biochemical effect and free of formic acid, effectively reduce the pH in the gastrointestinal tract, play a role in maintaining the proper acid. It is helpful to activate pepsin source and improve digestibility of feed. Other antibacterial antiseptic effect.

Transport storage

1.When transporting, it shall be installed in a clean, clean, sewn truck or ship, which shall not be mixed with poisonous and harmful substances, and shall comply with the relevant provisions of national transportation safety when transporting.

2.Stored in a dry, clean and ventilated warehouse, it shall not be mixed with toxic and harmful substances, and shall not be stored in the open air. The storage and use shall be in conformity with the state storage and use of relevant regulations.

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