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BDO(1.4-Butanediol) status in China
Dec 18, 2018

Now in China, BDO(1.4-Butanediol), the capacity totalling about 2.34 million tons/year. However, with an operating rate of 50-60%, the manufacturers see low utilization of their capacities. According to statistics, downstream demands for BDO(1.4-Butanediol) are about 1.2 million tons/year. Currently, some manufacturers' BDO(1.4-Butanediol) facilities are still in idle due to low demands or environmental inspection. 

The" Three-Year Plan on Defending the Bule Sky" requires that by 2020, 80% of the days in China's cities at prefecture level and above should have excellent air quality. Focusing on Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and their surrounding regions, Yangtze River Delta and Fen-wei plains( including Shaanxi and Shanxi), the government should make sustained efforts to implement the action plan for preventing and controlling air pollution.  In this context, the manufacturers increase their environmental investment. For example, they add desulfurization and denitration purifying device to their plants, and treat the waste carbide slag in a professional way or resell them. For some old facilities, the producers are ordered to crease thier operation and to carry out recitifaction within a specified time. Such measures lead to increased production cost and thus reduced profits as well as this year's slowed growth of output in the industry.

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