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Bag Roll Sex Influence Rubber Accelerator Effect
Mar 30, 2018

Bag Roll Sex Influence Rubber Accelerator Effect

In the mixing machine mixing, tablet and rolling machine for rolling operation, rubber to have a good package of roll and rubber accelerator effect, otherwise it is difficult to smooth operation. Along with the roller temperature is high, the rubber or rubber in open mill roller can appear on four kinds of state.

From four state can see, roll temperature is low, rubber elasticity, high hardness, sliding easy, through the roll pitch difficulties, and the "elastic wedge" in the form of roller distance, such as forced pressure into, it becomes hard pieces, unfavorable rubber, rubber accelerator effect is invalid. With temperature rise into the first Ⅱ area, in the first Ⅱ area, rubber are easy to deformation, both plastic flow and the appropriate high elastic deformation, the roller to form a ring elastic tape, wrapped in roller, fracture difficult, with rubber accelerator effect, so that the rubber can be mixing operation. As the temperature rise further, into the first Ⅲ area, the first Ⅲ area of rubber viscosity reduced, increased liquidity, the force between the molecules is reduced, the strength of the viscoelastic tape down, in the roller can be firmly stick to, appear to take off the roll or fracture phenomenon, rubber accelerator effect also is invalid, is difficult to glue material mixing operation. As the temperature rise again, enter the first Ⅳ area, in the first Ⅳ area of rubber is sticky shape and wrapped in roller, and produce large plastic flow, then to rubber for rolling operation. Therefore, in the rubber for mixing operation, should strictly control the process conditions, the choice of appropriate roll temperature, make the rubber can be in the first Ⅱ area processing, in the first Ⅳ area in the sizing of the rolling operation.

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