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Acetic acid: inquiry negative, the decline is difficult
Aug 28, 2018

Limited by demand, the domestic acetic acid market fell sharply last week. However, acetic acid continued its decline at the beginning of this week, and the downside was large. On the supply side, Anhui Huayi Equipment restarted and started to resume normal shipments. The overall market supply has gradually increased, and the current export situation is temporary and the supply side support market is limited. The overall downstream demand situation is general, the user buys up and does not buy down the state of mind, the receiving level is limited, and the enthusiasm for enquiry is weak. The local supply in the northwest is relatively abundant, the low-cost competition of manufacturers still exists, the price continues to fall sharply, and the price of Henan is still weakened by market demand. The rest of the region was affected by low-cost sources of supply and fell into a bearish buyer's mentality, while the buyer's bearish market inquiry was negative, and the demand restriction further stimulated the seller's low-price promotion, gradually forming a vicious circle. Under the multi-party negative factors, the industry's mentality is negative. It is expected that the short-term acetic acid market will continue its decline and follow-up needs to continue to focus on exports.

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