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4,4'-methylene-bis-(ortho-chloroaniline) (MOCA)
Jan 16, 2018

Chemical Name: 4,4'-methylene-bis-(ortho-chloroaniline) (MOCA)
CAS No.: 101-14-4

High temperature resistance particle MOCA  means in the entire process of dissolution, the solution of MOCA always keeps light yellow, clear and transparent without changing the color of the solution even when the temperature reaches 150℃ or it is dissolved repeatedly for several times. Because of the high temperature resistance property of this MOCA, this kind of product is most suitable for various PU products molded by casting machine. 

[Main Application]

MOCA as crosslinking agent or curing agent is widely used in machinery, construction, automobile manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, mining industry and sports facility manufacturing, which can also be used for curing epoxy resin. 

Mainly including: 

1.Suitable for machine casting PU products, such as skateboard wheels, all kinds of rubber-covered rollers, mold lining, 

Cyclone, driving belt, coupling, screen cloth, sealing articles, etc. 

2. The curing of epoxy resin. 

1. Waterproof kraft paper bags, lined with black plastic; 25 kg. 

2. Cardboard barrel, lined with black plastic bag; 50kg. 


AppearancePale yellow granular pellet
Melting range 98 -- 102
Moisture %< 0.30


Bulk density (24) / g/cm31.44
Liquid density (107) / g/ml1.26
Amine value / mmol/g7.4-7.6
Free Aniline %< 1.00
Color (Gardner)< 4
Acetone insoluble matter %<0.04
Water absorption tendencyNone
Storage stabilityStable, decomposes above 200

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