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Oct 18, 2018

Chemical name :1,4-DIOXANE

CAS#: 123-91-1

Application :

The product is used as a solvent, reaction medium, and extractant in the manufacture of special fine chemicals such as medicines, cosmetics, and spices, and in scientific research. In Japan, the product is mainly used as a stabilizer for 1,1,1-trichloroethane, with an added amount of 2.5-4%;

Secondly, the most widely used is as a reaction solvent for polyurethane synthetic leather, amino acid synthetic leather, and the like. The product has strong dissolving power, similar to dimethylformamide, and stronger than tetrahydrofuran.

Dioxane has the following uses:

(1) Complexes with sulfur trioxide can be used as sulfating agents in the synthesis of many compounds;

(2) For the extraction of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dewaxing of petroleum products, etc.;

(3) As a dispersant for dyes, dispersants for wood colorants, and solvents for oil-soluble dyes;

(4) Used as a high-purity metal surface treatment agent.

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